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PUPDATE on little Tahu❤️

He weighed 5.5kg with all his fluff but he had to be shaved for his skin treatment and dog bite remedies so guessing he is closer to 5kg of cuddles now.

Tahu is responding well to treatment and loves being the centre of attention. He will be vaccinated and sterilised, and needs a sponsor and a home. So if you can help, please let us know.

** We got some fairly unnecessary messages about why we bother to save breed dogs. Not sure if they are implying breed dogs don’t deserve treatment; or perhaps the owners of breed dogs don’t deserve help; or that we should only be caring for and sterilising Bali dogs.

Here are some facts:

* dogs like making babies. They don’t care if they are Bali dogs or breed dogs and from the funny-looking dogs we see, they are not discriminating and will happily make babies with any other dogs! A healthy animal population means any type of dog should be sterilised.

* a breed dog is no less a rescue dog than a Bali dog. In fact, during the pandemic, we saw more breed dogs being dumped than ever before because people lost their jobs. You might not agree with people getting breed dogs, but let’s not punish the dog because of its breed.

If you are a rescue dog lover, the breed should not matter – they all deserve care and a happy life. ❤️

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