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URGENT HELP 23 November 2022

Little Milo was dumped in the street 2 months ago and some lovely people scooped him up and took him home. He instantly became friends with Marsel, their dog, and is a playful and friendly little chap. Milo loves cuddles, especially with his favourite doll while he sleeps.❤️

His family noticed a small lump on his belly starting to grow rapidly and needed some help. Although Milo was doing everything a normal puppy should, it was clear that something was not ok.

We got him to Anom Angels, a.k.a Anom Vet Clinic, and X-rays were done, revealing that little Milo has a few problems requiring urgent surgery.

First up, like all puppies, Milo eats everything and appears to have eaten something with staples in it! So these were removed from his belly.

Then he had a small umbilical hernia, which is not uncommon in puppies, so that was removed also. But then we discovered just how rare Milo really is!

Milo has a genetic defect that causes urine to build up under his skin, because the barrier from his urinary tract does not exist. So even though he can pee normally, urine is also seeping under his skin causing the enormous lump you can see in the photos.

He has had surgery today and is recovering well, his beautiful owner is going to visit now and take in his favourite doll so he can sleep.

This is where we now need your help – Milo’s surgery to create a barrier between his urinary tract and skin was not simple and we need some help to cover the cost. If you can donate, even a small amount, it would be truly amazing❤️ 

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