Vet Care

Many animals under our care live on the streets or the beach. It might not be what we would wish for every animal, but there just aren’t enough homes for all the dogs and provided the dogs and cats are safe, fed, sterilised and vaccinated, it’s actually a pretty good life for them. Imagine this, you’re a Bali beach dog. Every morning and night, you know a kind human is coming to feed you. For the rest of the day, you cruise the beach with your beach dog buddies, chase a few birds and crabs, roll in stinky seaweed, get a snack from a restaurant guest, sunbake and swim on the best beaches in the world…not bad at all!


But the fact is, the dogs and cats still need vet care. Often we ‘street treat’ the dogs and cats if their condition is able to treated where they live. Moving dogs from their packs is not always advisable however in some circumstances, we have no choice. If a dog can then be returned safely to their pack or area, that’s great. If the animal can no longer live on the streets or the beach due to their health condition, we will look for foster parents or adoption.

Vet care is not free, except for the animals! If you see an animal in need of vet care, please consider this and offer a donation to go towards the vet care required. 


Our chosen vets are Anom Vet Clinic – they are 24/7, have animal ambulances, and use a combination of conventional medicine, Chinese remedies and holistic healing. And they are 100% animal lovers who will do everything they can to help any animal in their care.

Urgent Help

"amount to be updated weekly from the vet team or when Milo goes to his new home"


Distemper and blood parasite, not for adoption but we need help with her medical care.