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Puppy Dog Tales

Written by Putri Cantik

Hi my name is Putri Cantik which in English is “Princess Beautiful”. I’m a toy poodle and, although coming from a French Aristocratic heritage, I was born in Java.

As soon as I could leave my Mummy, I was three months old, I was put in a box with my brother, and we were taken to a pet shop in Seminyak. Bali. I’m not terribly sure how we got there but I think we went in a giant bird, anyway, the next thing I knew was that two large funny looking creatures, walking on their hind legs came into the shop, picked me up and cuddled me, put me in a bright orange box, with wheels, and took me to their house. Waiting in the orange box was their friend Namron, and we all went home together……. That was the first thing I remember in my life. At that time, I was really tiny and a little bewildered by everything that had gone on in my short life, but as I was kissed and cuddled a lot, fed yummy food and given squeaky toys to play with, I quickly settled into my new life as Princess Beautiful

My new Mummy and Daddy adore me, which is totally understandable. Although I think that they used to have another puppy they called Ginger who they had to leave in Shanghai when they came to Bali because of the horrid rabies scare here. Mummy and Daddy were pining a lot for him, so I made absolutely sure that I loved them a lot and kissed them so much that eventually I won their hearts over and they returned my love.

I’m not sure where the expression ‘it’s a dogs life’ comes from because I have the life of a Princess! I have a personal trainer twice a week called Andy and, try my best to do the things he wants me to so that Mummy and Daddy will be proud of me. Actually it’s not that difficult as I am extremely smart, as most French poodles are. It’s a well known fact, Im sure you know! I’m bound to be clever. Non?

Mummy likes me to wear clothes, especially when we go to parties! For Independence Day I wore a red lace frock and matching bows in my hair that Uncle Chris made for me. I was the ‘belle of the ball’ and received lots of compliments and cuddles from all the people there. As we do a lot of traveling around Bali to visit friends, I also have a bikini outfit for swimming, which I am not very good at yet, it’s sort of a ‘doggie paddle’ style, and it makes people laugh which I like.

Here I am with my Daddy who is really super. He founded a charity here in Bali! It’s called Solemen, and he and a lot of other 2 legged people run around Bali, finding sick, poor and starving other 2 legged people and helping them get back to health, feeding them and making them well again. He loves his charity, and many other like minded 2 legged people help him. Anyway, some days he works from home, and other days he goes to the Solemen Centre.

Today, was one of the worst. Thank goodness they don’t happen often. Mummy had to go shopping. Normally I go with her when she meets friends for coffee or lunch, and we go to the beach, or just jalan jalan around and talk to each other.

I am trying so hard to speak in their funny language, but they don’t seem to understand me? I mean, woof means hello, woof, woof means I love you, and woof, woof, woof means, please can we go out together. It’s not that difficult, right?

Today, Mummy shut the doors and windows, locked me in the bedroom, put down my water bowl and closed the bedroom door. I knew what was going to happen. She kissed me, told me she loved me, and went out.
She’d gone to buy food but they didn’t allow anyone with four legs in the shop….why not?

I started woofing and shouting, but she’d gone. I was so unhappy, lonely and sad, and I didn’t know, when, and if she was coming back. I spent a lot of time crying………then suddenly, I heard the door open and she rushed into the bedroom, scooped me up, and gave me millions of kisses and held me tight. I have to say I tried to put my paw down to tell her how unhappy I was but it didn’t seem to help. However, she always brings me treats, so, I forgave her. Here is a story I think you’ll find interesting. G-d is creating the world, he walks a long way every day and finds Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and America, and names them all as he walks. He names tigers, monkeys, elephants, and birds. By his side is a little creature on four legs. After six days, he sits down absolutely exhausted, and looks at me. There, he says, “I’ve done it, I am so tired, but it has been worth it, don’t you agree, little one.” “Yes I do, but you’ve given everything a name, except me” I said, trying not to cry. He gently picked me up and cuddled me, and said “Why don’t you take my name, and turn it backwards……..your name is ‘Dog’ “, and so it is to this very day……

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