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PUPDATE on little Tahu He weighed 5.5kg with all his fluff but he had to be shaved for his skin treatment and dog bite remedies so guessing he is closer to 5kg of cuddles now. Tahu is responding well to treatment and loves being the centre of attention. He will be vaccinated and sterilised, and […]


Distemper and blood parasite, not for adoption but we need help with her medical care.

Tumpek Kandang

Maintaining harmony with all living things and the universe is one of the core teachings of Hinduism in Bali. Love and appreciation are not only directed to fellow human beings, but also to animals and plants. As a form of appreciation towards animals, Bali has a special day of celebration known as TumpekKandang or Tumpek […]

The Tail of The Bali Dog

See what we did there? Tail, not tale, although the Bali dog certainly has an interesting story as well.The Bali Heritage Dog and the Kintamani have been recognized as the oldest dogs known to mankind.Studies have shown that their genetic make up is similar to the Australian Dingo, the Chinese Chow-Chow and the Akita from […]

Puppy Dog Tales

Written by Putri Cantik Hi my name is Putri Cantik which in English is “Princess Beautiful”. I’m a toy poodle and, although coming from a French Aristocratic heritage, I was born in Java. As soon as I could leave my Mummy, I was three months old, I was put in a box with my brother, […]


He ran into the arms of a feeder to be saved. Someone had tied rubber around his testicles to sterilise him. The wound was full of infection and maggots and the flesh was dying. After a successful surgery, he is now sterilised properly and vaccinated. Super friendly and a lovely nature and ready for a […]


Found dumped, malnourished and sick. She has battled through parvo, a blood parasite and respiratory infection. Once her levels of infection have dropped, she will be vaccinated and sterilised.


Found with 2 other puppies called Treasure and Trinkett. All with congenital heart and kidney issues due to inbreeding. Trinkett and Treasure have died. Sparkles is stronger and so far responding well to medication.


Little Milo was dumped in the street 2 months ago and some lovely people scooped him up.