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Sunny and her babies, Annie and Emma, are doing ok but recovery for Sunny is slow. Her skin is in bad condition and she is battling a blood parasite, on top of her puppies taking all the nutrients out of her, is making her progress very slow.


Little Lola was found hiding in a drain on a busy street in Sanur. We went to pick her up and got her to Anom where we found she has many skin problems and infections in her body. Sadly, it's not unusual to see black female puppies or dogs dumped, especially if they start showing any signs of illness.


Browny/Kimi and her babies were taken from the beach last week as one of our feeders found her to be very sick. There were plates of uneaten and rotting food left around the bale where Kimi and her babies were living, which has led to all 5 puppies and mama having bacterial infections.

Mamma Mango & 5 Puppies

We got a call for help for a mama dog and five puppies that were thrown away like rubbish in the Sanur rice fields. 😭
The puppies were set up in a cage with food and water for Mama but the location was not ideal so they were moved to a friend's house for the night for some TLC.