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We are a small local yayasan based in Sanur village, our team is made up of animal lovers, vets, rescuers and residents of Sanur. We met during the pandemic while feeding the street and beach dogs and formed our yayasan to better support the animals and programs we run. We run feeding programs, sterilisation and vaccination sessions, arrange for vet care, and of course, give lots of TLC to the dogs and cats of Sanur. We can’t do this alone and appreciate any and all help so head to our Wishlist page for the items we desperately need. ❤❤❤

About BPAW

We are not a shelter but we do know of foster carers who can assist with short-term emergency care. In the event of a medical emergency, please contact a vet in the area and ask for assistance.


If a vet is not available, you can contact the fabulous 24/7 animal welfare and rescue groups in Bali, or get in touch with Udayana Vet Clinic who offer free vet care for many medical emergencies.

Contact Us If You Find Abandoned Animals

 If you find an animal in distress, injured or you believe it has been abandoned, please remember that distressed animals cannot always be handled so keep your safety and the animals in mind. 

Take photos, write a good description of what you see, ask people in the area for any details, and get the exact location – then send all of this valuable information to us via email, FB or IG. If you can leave the animal food and water, that’s great. If you can arrange emergency vet care, that is amazing!

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